Our Story

Katastrophy offers up a musical mix that’s sure to get the audience moving.

From Cee-Lo Green to Paramore, the bands diversity is undeniable. Offering up a special blend of funk, rock, and pop, the group is always pursuing different genres of music to mix things up. Whether it’s Katy Perry or Guns n Roses, this group will not limit its catalogue of tunes. 

​The band made its debut in November 2013 and hasn’t stopped performing since. "All of us were looking for a rebirth," explains the group's guitar player. "We were looking to get back that same feeling we had when we all first started playing music--the sense of doing it for the pure joy of playing music. After the first rehearsal, the connection with each other’s style and mindset was immediate…the rest is history.” The idea behind Katastrophy remains a powerfully simple one. "There is no real concept to me," explains Drummer Bill. "We set out to play music we enjoy and can feel proud of playing--music that people will want to listen to. As soon as you start thinking beyond that--about wanting to keep up with the Joneses or about fitting in with somebody else's format--that's when you lose sight of reality. So we've just done what we do, and tried to have a good time doing it." 

Each member of Katastrophy comes from different musical backgrounds. Lead vocalist Dana, brings her pop and theatre perspective to the band. Bill on drums brings his solid grooves to the group. John on bass provides his funk experience and Tommy adds a touch of rock to the mix. Combine all of these components into a single recipe and your left with Katastrophy… a band that’s a blend of musical genres always offering up a good time to wherever they perform.